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     Amendment of guidelines for prison review committee

     Amendment Proposed to be effected in Kerala municipal election

     Amendment to the rule 184 of the Criminal Rules of Practice

     An act for fair negation


     Code of civil procedure

     Compassion for living creatures bill

     Creative communication between  supreme court and  high court on the one

     Criminal procedure code bill

     Indian penal code bill

     Indian registration Kerala bill

     Indian succession Act

     Kerala abkari workers bill

     Kerala abkari Amendment bill

     Kerala access to justice bill

     Kerala Adhoc and itinerant courts bill

     Kerala Alternate energy sources bill

     Kerala animals and bird sacrifices

     Kerala building and apartment lease fair rent and other facilities bill

     Kerala captive Elephants rules

     Kerala christian marriage bill

     Kerala clean air bill 

     Kerala code for custodial correctional and habilitative justice to women bill

     Kerala corrupt public servants

     Kerala disposal of confiscated and other vehicles bill

     Kerala disposal of garage and waste management bill

     Kerala domestic workers bill

     Kerala dowry prohibition bill

     Kerala electronic waste management 

     Kerala energy self sufficent bill 

     Kerala equal opportunities commisison bill 

     Kerala explosive substance bill

     Kerala fixation of maximum value of bill

     Kerala free compulsory education bill

     Kerala government land assignment bill 

     Kerala highway protection bill

     Kerala illegitimate children bill

     Kerala indian divorce act

     Kerala industrial single window clerance bill

     Kerala inland fisheries and aquaculture bill 

     Kerala legal benefit fund rules

     Kerala medical practitioners (protection from frivolous and unjust prosecutions) bill

     Kerala medical practitioners bill

     Kerala medicare service persons and medicare service institutions prevention of violence

     Kerala minor mineral concession bill

     Kerala motor vehicles bill

     Kerala municipalities amendment bill 

     Kerala muslim women relief on irretrievable breakdown of marriage and prohibition of talakul 

     Kerala panchayat courts bill 

     Kerala panchayat raj bill

     Kerala police bill 

     Kerala population planning for family well being and children

     Kerala preservation and protection of mangroves

     Kerala preservation of trees bill

     Kerala prevention of seeking alms and just rehabilitation bill 

     Kerala prohibition of plastic articles bill

     Kerala prohibtion bill 

     Kerala property dealers licensing and regulation bill 

     Kerala public canals and backwater bill

     Kerala public charitable socieities bill 

     Kerala public grievances redressal tribunal bill 

     Kerala public servants right to medical attendance and reimbursement bill 

     Kerala ragging prohibition of ragging bill 

     Kerala recovery and distribtuion of government land bill 

     Kerala registration rules

     Kerala regulation to control noise generated from loudspeakers, fireworks display and other plural sources bill 

     Kerala repealing and saving bill 

     Kerala right to farm shelter bill

     Kerala right to property of legal heirs of predeceased child of a muslim 

     Kerala river bank protection bill

    ♦ Kerala rural and town planning bill 

     Kerala senior citizens maintenance, care protection, welfare, and creative 

     Kerala special marriage

     Kerala stampt act amendment bill

     Kerala terminally ill patients (medical treatment and protection of practioners and patients)bill

     Kerala unorganised workers rights, regulation of employment, conditions 

     Kerala urban land ceiling and regulation bill 

     Kerala vexations litigation prevention bill

     Nava Kerala agro cum biosphere development and democratic utilisation of rural phenomenal resurrection bill

     The Kerala Land Reforms Amendment Bill

     public health code

    Special rules prosecutors for the post of deputy director of prosecution and senior  Assistant public prosecutor,

       Assistant public prosecutor grade I & II- Amendment 

     statement appointment of commissioners regulation of authority, status, powers 

      The Kerala Childrens Code Bill

     The Kerala Christian Adoption Bill

      The Kerala Christian Church Properties Bill

     The Kerala Construction Workers Welfare 

     The Kerala Court Fees and Suits

     The Kerala Education Act

      The Kerala Emergency Control

     The Kerala Environment Courts Bill

      The Kerala Essential Commodities and Services Bill

     The Kerala High court

      The Kerala Information Technology Bill 

     The Kerala Muslim Marriage and Dissolution by Talaq 

     The Kerala Preservation of Secular Ethos

     The Kerala Public Interest Litigation Procedure Code

      The Kerala Womens Code Bill

     The Land Acquisition Kerala Amendment Bill

      The Lok Ayukta Amendment

      The Right to Justice for Victims of Criminal Injuries Bill 

      The Secular Norms For Administration of Places of Public Worship Bill