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    By Justice K.T Thomas,

    Chairman Law Reforms Commission, Kerala


    Kerala Law Reforms Commission has been set up by the Government of Kerala with the following objectives:

    a)     To examine the existing laws and suggest amendments as are necessary according to the present day needs.

    b)    To make recommendations for repealing obsolete and outdated laws.

    c)     To recommend new laws as are necessary in the present day context, and

    d)    To systematically develop and reform law.



        After the Constitution of India came into force the legislative work has been separately allocated to the Union and the State through the three Lists embodied in the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution. Through the domain of the state legislature is circumscribed within the limits prescribed in the Constitution, in a federal set up a lot can be done for the betterment of the people targeting to secure to the citizens justice, social, economic and political as enshrined in the Preamble of the Constitution. This Commission is expected to aid the legislative work in addition to the other supporting limbs already created for that purpose. This Commission expects supports from the people of Kerala in its endeavour to achieve the above objects. This website is created as a means or a conduit to garner the views of the public on different topics which the Commission would henceforth deal with. We request generous support from the people of Kerala in helping this Commission to execute its work during the days ahead.